What is ATC-MSP?

Across The Culture Minneapolis-Saint Paul (ATC-MSP) is an information and culture-building resource for the Twin Cities metro area. ATC’s greater mission is to reshape key public (pop) discourse and help people think about, feel about, and act toward each other in better ways. ATC-MSP works to do that locally.

Six years into running the original ATC site, I was proud of it for bringing niche yet important pieces of pop culture more directly into the fold. People that got the most out of ATC — scholars, artists, executives, fans, and more — gained clarity on what other people felt, believed in, and did based on those feelings and beliefs. They sharpened their own beliefs in the process, helping them do more in their own pocket(s) of culture to make participation less harmful, more useful, and more appreciative of everyone’s role.

Talking to a global audience was tough though. Competing with enormous brands and being unable to follow up with many users showed me I wanted a more intimate experience with people using my work. To scale up, perhaps ATC had to scale down. No place like home to do that.

I’m Zander Tsadwa by the way. Raised in Saint Paul, live in Minneapolis, always have ideas, love people. I don’t like everyone, and I’m kind, not nice, but I do love you for being alive and pushing through life. I hate that our biggest obstacles are often ourselves and each other. Using what we publish might help you see great things in others around you, make friends out of enemies, fight your enemies more humanely, or just smile.

This is my part in shaping Twin Cities culture. What’s yours?

– Zander Tsadwa, Founder and Editor, ATC-MSP